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April 21, 2024, 4:59 pm

Ferry movement on Aricha Sector resumes after 8 half an hours

  • Update Time : Friday, December 30, 2022
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Shahjahan Biswas: The ferry movement on Aricha-Kajirhat and Paturia-Daulatdia route has resumed after disruption of eight half an  hours due to dense fog.

Deputy General Manager of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) at Aricha area office Shah Mohammad Khaled Newaz said the ferry movement was suspended around 12:00am Friday  at Aricha-Kajirhat and 2:00am paturia-Daulatdia river rout due to poor visibility as the dense fog blanketed the river root.

After the sun rises, the density of fog increased and the river root was totally invisible, he added.

During this period, three ferries were anchored at Paturia ghat and three others at Daulatdia with vehicles and passengers, as seven ferries were stranded in the middle of the river Padma.

Biside One ferry at Aricha and One ferry Kajirhat with vehicles and passengers, as three ferries were anchored in the middle of the Jamuna river.

The movement of all kinds of engine boat, speed boats driven and launches were also suspended during the period.

At about 8.30 am, the ferry movement started when the fog began to decline.

Newaz said about hundreds of vehicles including passenger bus, truck, pick-up and private cars are waiting to cross the river at its both banks.

Within two hours of vessel movement, all the waiting vehicles standing in queue will hopefully be ferried, he added.

All the 13 ferries at Paturia-Daulatdia and 5 ferries at Aricha-Kajirhat river routs are now running in full swing.

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