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September 29, 2023, 5:18 pm

Hilsa catching is going on despite the ongoing operation in Padma-Jamuna

  • Update Time : Thursday, October 27, 2022
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Shahjahan Biswas: On the one hand, the administration is continuing operations in Padma-Jamuna in Manikganj’s Shibalaya. On the other hand, mother hilsa killing is going on. During this season, the main breeding season of the national fish Hilsa, a 22-day ban has been officially imposed on mother Hilsa hunting from October 7 to October 28. But ignoring this, some unscrupulous seasonal fishermen are throwing nets in the Padma-Jamuna rivers and catching and selling hilsa fish, locals said. Many people fear that the growth of hilsa breed will be disrupted. It is reported that the seasonal and seasonal poachers in the grazing areas and areas have become desperate. Even though the local administration and the related fisheries department are vocal about stopping the killing of hilsa fish, they cannot be stopped. Besides, due to some local sources, fishermen are already getting information about the special campaign of the administration. In this opportunity, fishermen and buyers and sellers are getting more opportunities. Upazila Nirbahi officials along with related officials are struggling to stop hilsa fish killing. Shibaloy

Upazila Fisheries Officer Md. Jaseem said, that 16 mobile courts were conducted and 14 fishermen were jailed till last Sunday. At the same time, 1.75 meters net worth 36 lakh taka was seized and destroyed. 272 kg of hilsa was recovered from the fishermen and distributed to the orphanage. He said that 50 jailers have been fined 1 lakh 95 thousand taka. District

Fisheries Officer Saifur Rahman said, that current nets worth Tk 99 lakh 650 have been destroyed through 34 mobile courts by conducting 155 operations in the district till October 23. At the same time, 411 kg of hilsa fish was seized and 14 fishermen were sent to jail with a fine of 3 lakh 39 thousand taka.The seized hilsa has been distributed to local charities and the poor, along with the destruction of the nets and boats seized in the previous day’s operation. Shibalaya, Daulatpur and Harirampur upazilas spread about 60 km Locals said that the festival of hilsa hunting is going on day and night with illegal current nets in Padma-Jamuna chest with a large number of engine boats every day. In this work, the real fishermen of Haldar community are silent but the seasonal fishermen are active. A class of people who are interested in buying caught hilsa are regularly gathering on the banks of the river. Hilsa is being sold at Tk 800 to Tk 1000 per kg at Alokdia Char in Shibalay.

All in all, a festival is going on among the hilsa hunters and beneficiaries in this region Chan Mia of Alokdia village of Teota in Shivalay said that during the main breeding season of hilsa, hilsa killing is going on in one side of the river. On the other hand, the operation of the administration is going on.He also said that fake boats have been seized in this operation, but the poachers are still out of reach. Others are also showing interest in hilsa hunting.

Another source said on condition of anonymity that during the last breeding season, two and a half thousand people were killed in the operation of the administration in the Padma-Jamuna part of Shibalaya Upazila to protect the Hilisha. More than 250 fishermen were jailed for various terms and fined lakhs of rupees. Although the same situation is going on in the river now, many people think that the role of the concerned department is mysterious. In this regard, Deputy Commissioner of Manikganj Muhammad Abdul Latif said, that our officers are conducting operations in the river every day. Unscrupulous fishermen are caught, jailed and fined. Still, poachers are not stopping, stealing fish. It is not always possible to sit in the river. He said that our campaign will continue.

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