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September 29, 2023, 5:07 pm

Titus says not to panic about the ‘smell of gas’

  • Update Time : Tuesday, April 25, 2023
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Online Desk: The Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources has issued a statement regarding the news of gas leakage and smell of gas from different areas of the capital. They advised the city dwellers not to panic about Titus gas.

A post on the verified page of the ministry on Monday midnight said, “As gas supply to the industrial plant was stopped on Eid, the gas pressure in the transmission and distribution lines increased (over-flow) and the smell was coming out. Titus’ emergency and technical teams are working on the matter. Titas gas authorities have advised the city dwellers not to panic.

Apart from this, they advised to contact Titas gas hotline number 16496 for any matter.

Earlier on Monday (April 24) after 10:00 p.m., the fire service received numerous calls from different areas including Moghbazar, Iskaton, Khilgaon, Rampura and Mohakhali about gas leakage and strong smell of gas.

Rafi Al Farooq, duty officer of the control room of the fire service, said that since 10 pm, we have been receiving gas leakage calls from all over the capital, including Khilgaon and Rampura in the capital. After receiving these calls, two of our teams went to different parts of the capital to see the issue of leakage. Our team will initially know the leakage at different places due to excess pressure of gas. Later the matter was informed to the concerned authorities.

Meanwhile, many people are giving different types of posts on Facebook about gas leakage. Many netizens are posting that they can’t stand the smell of gas in their area. There is a lot of gas leakage and they panic. The post informed that miking is also being done in the concerned area. Frightened people are calling the National Emergency Service 999 and the Fire Service for assistance. Titus started working on this at night.

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